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10.12.2007 − Australia
02.11.2007 − XCC PL 2007
The end of the Polish Cross-Country Championship XCC PL 2007
and its official results.
Zbigniew Deka & Przemysław Wiatr

To emphasize the high sports level of this year's championship and the pilots' remarkable involvement in competition, some facts and statistics are worth mentioning.

We had taken part in cross-country competition, organized by the German DHV, continuously since 2003. Having compared the statistics of the seasons 2005 and 2006 one cannot notice a significant progress: only one pilot joined the competition in 2006, and together with other participants they flew only 901 km-longer total distance than in 2005.

In the 2007 season the competition was organized for the first time by Karkonosze Paragliding Club. We changed the system, some rules, web graphics and interface to make it more attractive and encouraging for pilots competing at every level of their flying skills.

When the results of OLC 2006 and XCC 2007 are compared, it turns out that:

The total distance flown by all the pilots was 69 022 km − a 320 per cent rise!
There were 95 per cent more participants and 82 per cent more teams!

What we are most glad of is the changes in the sports class of gliders as their owners often have potential to become champions in future. In this class there were 388 per cent more kilometers flown and 248 per cent more pilots. We hope the figures confirm the value of the awarded titles.

At the weekend, October 27-28, we met in a friendly, beautifully situated pension
DW "Lubuszanin" to celebrate the end of XCC PL 2007 and PLP 2007. Pilots from all over the country were invited. Over 130 people arrived. On Saturday we enjoyed a 2-hour-long paragliding film and photo presentation, and at 4 p.m. we began the official ceremony. Among the guests was the mayor of Kowary − Mr Mirosław Górecki, and the president of the board responsible for cooperation with nongovernmental organizations − Mr Jan Wojdan. All competitors received certificates and thanks to our sponsors there were prizes for everyone. What emphasizes their value is that the pilot that took the 100th place in the overall rank could still choose a paragliding helmet!

Respect companies and sponsors that support paragliding!

The certificates and the cups were financed by Polish Paragliding Association − the patron of the championship. A special prize − a certificate for the overall winner of XCC was financed by Kowary local authorities.

1st place overall: Polish Champion − Marcin Gorayski, Advance Omega 7 (Karkonosze Paragliding Club)
2nd place overall: Polish Vice-Champion − Paweł Faron, Mac Magus 5
3rd place overall: Grzegorz Olejnik, Advance Omega 7 (Karkonosze Paragliding Club)

Polish Champion for the Sports class of gliders: Robert Wójcicki, Advance Sigma 6 (Karkonosze Paragliding Club)

Polish Champion for the Fun & Safety class of gliders: Sławek Kędziak,
Axis Vega II (S)

Polish Women's Champion: Katarzyna Gruźlewska-Łosik, Axis Venus

The Challenge Trophy for the Best Newcomer was won by Marcin Bortlik.

Polish Team Champions: Pro-Paragliding Team (Karkonosze Paragliding Club)
Grzegorz Olejnik
Rafał Łuckoś
Damazy Rajda

Polish Team Vice-Champions: Karkonosze Team (Karkonosze Paragliding Club)
Marcin Gorayski
Robert Wójcicki
Marcin Kostur

3rd Team in the Championship: Żywiec Team
Paweł Faron
Krzysztof Ziółkowski
Artur Łosik

Complete results on XCC PL website.

Among pilots' other achievements that need to be highlighted are:
very high overall position (7th place) won by Robert Wójcicki flying a lower (sports) class wing (Advance Sigma 6)
the longest distance of the season flown by Rafał Łuckoś (UP Targa): 271 km − a new Polish distance record set in Australia
the longest average distance of the declared flights: Rafał Łuckoś (UP Targa) − 132,8 km
the new distance record set from a Polish launch site: Marcin Gorayski (Advance Omega 7) − 223,17 km

Once again we would like to express our gratitude to all the pilots for their spirit, participation in the XCC and presence in the season-ending event, to the sponsors for the prizes, and to the members of our club for their involvement in championship's organization.

The board of Karkonosze Paragliding Club

Season-ending ceremony pictures in the galery: Zakończenie XCC.

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