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KARKONOSZE PARAGLIDING CLUB Zbigniew Deka & Przemysław Wiatr

Karkonosze Paragliding Club came into being on the basis of great passion and involvement in the sport of paragliding of the mayor of Kowary – the late Marek Jiruska.

One sunny July afternoon in 1993 some very good thermal flights were made from the takeoff on Wołowa Góra (at that time there wasn’t enough place for more than one paraglider to take off). It was then that the idea of creating a place like no other in Poland was born. Thanks to the mountains of Rudnik , Wołowa Góra and Czoło pilots would have access to takeoffs exposed to all North wind directions (from 270 to 130 degrees) within just 40 minutes.

In the next few years, as a result of hard work, many pilots’ involvement and local government’s support, a lot was done to make it possible to take off and fly from Czoło and Wołowa Góra.
In 1996 the Polish Paragliding Championship took place in the Karkonosze Mountains. Many paragliding courses (on higher levels) have been organized since then. The Pro-Paraglidnig Team also has come into being.

Nowadays KKP is made up of active local pilots and many excellent pilots from other parts of Poland. We organize expeditions to places which haven’t been explored by paragliding pilots yet (for example Zagora in Morocco, December 2005). Within the club there are three sports teams: the professional Pro–Paragliding Team and two teams of amateurs involved in cross country flying contests − the Karkonosze Team and the K2 Paragliding Team. Their members have succeeded in many outstanding achievements. These are some from the 2006 season:
Individual winner of the Polish Paragliding Open: Robert Bernat
Team winners of the Polish Paragliding Open: Pro-Paragliding Team
Individual winner of the Polish Online Contest (OLC): Marcin Gorayski
Team winners of the Polish Online Contest (OLC): Karkonosze Team
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Paragliding is an important branch of tourism in the Karkonosze Mountains. They provide some of the best places in Poland to practice this sport.

What is next?
We will try to maintain the club’s high sports level and help pilots improve their skills. Our most important goal, having obtained the agreement and support of the local government, is to put even more effort into making full use of the Karkonosze Mountains’ paragliding potential. This will contribute to the development of paragliding tourism.

Looking at the sports results achieved by our pilots, we see that the Karkonosze Mountains are exceptionally attractive terrain to practise paragliding. Thanks to their geographical location they can become an alternative for the Alps − especially for pilots from Northern Poland and Germany.

It is necessary to rebuild our takeoffs to increase pilots’ safety and adapt them to European standards. Then it will be possible to provide access to flying in our mountains to a greater group of pilots. There will be better conditions for beginners to learn flying and for recreational pilots to get neccesary experience in a comfortable and safe way. We will be able then to advertise the Karkonosze Mountains among all pilots from Poland and from abroad with no worries.

Original version by: Grzegorz Olejnik

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