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Wołowa Góra
Mała Kopa
MIEROSZÓW − KROWIARA ( 50N40.500   016E12.300 ) Zbigniew Deka & Przemysław Wiatr

An alternative south face take-off when everywhere else the wind is too strong.

...and showing the horizon with his hand he said: 'Kuba! This is your Bassano."

A place commonly known among paragliders as Mieroszów (the same as the nearby town), but its one and only appropriate? name is Krowiara (it has some modifications though: Krowiszcze, Krowiszów, Monte Croviara and others). The name has been popularized by three adventurous pilots crazy about long-distance XC flying :)

On a map, however, you must search for a hill called Jatki (656m). It's in the Kamienne Mountains (Góry Kamienne) which overlook Nowe Siodło (a village in the south) and Mieroszów (in the west). Krowiara is a good choice when the wind blowing in high mountains is too strong. Then crowds of pilots appear here to take part in a 'show' (better than the festival in St. Hilaire:). Suddenly you can get the feeling as if you were at a PWC event with lots of competition wings from the 90s flying above your head :) The place has an exceptional atmosphere and great potential. It's perfect to begin your paragliding adventure - the vast landing area and no terrain obstacles make it a really easy spot for less experienced pilots to train. Dynamic soaring is already possible when a 3-4 m/s wind is blowing and you can enjoy it even long after the sunset. Altitude records can be set here. With the vertical drop of just 30 meters! it's not a big problem to start thermalling right after the take-off, glide away and have a nice ride.

Due to very specific topography you can even make use of some mild waves that set up over Krowiara. The safe wind directions to fly here are 180-240 degrees. At times it's possible to fly when the direction is 250 degrees but watch out for the turbulent flow caused by the hump on your right. As to south-east winds, only local pilots who are really familiar with flying here can try it. Others: DO NOT TRY THIS! Generally speaking you can expect a fantastic mixture of mountain and flatland flying here!

As far as accomodation is concerned, there's no problem with finding a decent place to spend a night in one of the nearby villages - Kowalowa or Sokołowsko.

Krowiara is a special place where apart from flying you can enjoy your time sitting around a bonefire and eating a delicious, freshly-grilled sausage. Then, in the forest, you can give vent to your animal instincts :) These may be unforgettable moments of your life!

For more details ask the host.

Original version by: Jakub Kryjak (Ferrari)

To watch a short film shot by Jakub Kryjak over Mieroszów see: Krowiara (1:15).
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