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In chase of new records in the 'Kangaroo Land'

At the end of January 2008 some members of the Karkonosze Paragliding Club are starting a 2 and a half-week XC-expedition in Manilla, Australia.

It's one of the best places in the world to train paragliding. In 2007 the World Championship and a very successful XC-Open edition were held there: more than a half of the pilots broke their personal distance records. What's worth mentioning is that the current Polish Open Distance record was set there by Rafał Łuckoś, who flew 269 km (wing: UP Targa 3, harness: Advance iMpress).

Among the expedition participants will be experienced racing pilots as well as some very talented pilots with less experience.

Our main goals are:
making it possible for the less experienced pilots to get, as fast as possible, the cross-country flying skills through training with professionals
giving a good start to the members of our club in the POLISH CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP
XCC PL 2008 (their success at the 2007 championship is worth mentioning here)
trying to set a new Polish Open Distance record under favourable weather conditions
we plan participation in the XC-Open 2008 international competition

Apart from the pilots, there will be some other expediton members: a driver, a doctor and a media representative. Specific terrain features (savannas and deserts), uninhabited landing places, some dangers, e.g. poisonous snakes, and significant distances flown by pilots, require well organized communication and transport. The pilots must be followed by the driver.

We intend to report pilots' training, achievements and their impressions every day. On the KKP website there will be our reviews and photo reports.
Muzyczne Radio in Jelenia Góra will provide media sponsorship for the series of radio documentaries in which the pilots will be interviewed to share their impressions on the trip.

We encourage individuals and companies to support our expedition financially!
It's worth it. You may contribute to a great adventure and maybe a new Polish record!

Contact: phone number +48 601 703 701 or e-mail .

You are welcome to see a gallery of pictures taken at 'the end of the world'
(or at least at the end of civilization) - in Zagora at the Moroccan-Algerian border.
Our pilots were the first in the world to fly along the whole ridge of the fault.

On behalf of the Karkonosze Paragliding Club's board: Grzegorz Olejnik

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